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2010 Adoptions

Years ago, Gina had to rehome one of her own dogs.  She never fogot how awful it felt to be in that situation.  Since then, she has adopted out up to 4 dogs a year.  There is never a charge to either side, since this is not part of her training business.  She only adopts dogs from clients or referrals she knows and only if she has the time to devote to the dog. 
This year she has already done 3 rescues as are shown below.   All advertising, training, food, vet, etc. needs are met by Gina while the dog is with her.  Therefore, she only takes in what she can.

Kyoto was in need of a new home, as the home he lived in, decided walking a dog 4 times daily with no fenced yard, was more than the owner wanted to do.  Gina had already contacted Akita Rescue, when she was able to find his original breeder, Joanne Hubbard.  Long story short, Kyoto, also called Coyote, was flown back to Michigan and the breeder now plans to show him!  Many tears on the first call to the breeder (:)

Emma was a 1 year old spayed Shih Tzu Poodle cross who came from Long Island.  Emma lived in a home which had unexpectedly, suffered a great change to the family.  While Emma was loved by all, the remaining family did not have the time to give a young dog the training and structure it needed.  So the hard decision was made to let Gina place her.  Gina placed her in a Brewster family who adores her and has the time to train!

Lucy was a young Wheaten Terrier, who had been purchased as a puppy by a wonderful family.  They thought they had researched into the breeder well enough, but yet Lucy was always "special".  She was difficult to housebreak, seemed to go on on her own "mental tangents", didn't gain weight easily, and just seemed "different".  After trying trainers, going back to the breeder, the family was crushed to realize that with work and commitments, they could not give this "special needs" girl the time she required.  So the decision to place Lucy was met with tears and sorrow.  However, Lucy was adopted by a wonderful  retired Barnstable couple who love her dearly.  They were willing to accept her special needs and work with her!