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Custom Photography - by EJH
Custom Photography - by EJH

Elizabeth Hayes is the daughter of trainer, Gina Hayes.  Elizabeth grew up, as one could expect, in a world of dog training - from therapy dog work to bloodhound scent work training.  Elizabeth assisted in training dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, and actually has never stopped - even helping out when she goes home to visit mom.  Elizabeth travelled from dog event to dog event and even became a dog trainer. 

She attended a one week school for dog trainers at sixteen years of age, being given one of the most difficult dogs to retrain - a 4 year old male stud dog, Jack Russell Terrier, who was severely dog aggresssive.  In one week, she was able to get him to be in a room with other dogs without screaming and to walk through and around the dogs without attacking! 

Elizabeth lives in Boston and attends Massachusetts College of Art, majoring in Photography - from landscape to custom dog portraits.  Her love of photography matches her love of dogs!  Her Irish Setters remain dear to her - from Heartnsoul to the current, JD Rory Gilmore. When visiting at home, she still assists her mom in training whatever Residency dogs are in - no matter the size, breed, or age.  In 2008 Elizabeth was the Camp Photographer for Wingate-Kirkland Summer Camp owned by Sandy and Will Rubenstein (www.campwk.com).


Her photos have been in ad work, ranging from Cape Cod Magazine to Boston Magazine.  Call (508) 760-3377 for a reasonably priced custom dog portrait setting appointment.  (Please schedule at least two hours for this visit).

Enjoy this photo of Finnegan Bearse and this short DVD!