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 Olive was a wonderful edition to our program when she arrived - and has my heart forever!  What a special Berner!
Some owners have called our Residency program the “college of higher learning” for their dog!  Our most important concern is that the dog improves and the owner can continue the improvement when the dog goes home. A 2 week Residency program is not enough time to train your dog 100%, but we give the dog our “all” in those two weeks.  A 4 week Residency is a much more solid training program and the difference in your dog is like night and day.
We do not leave your dog in a business or training center kennel overnight. We start each morning with an hour training walk or run through Johnny Kelley Park in South Dennis or at Flax Pond in Yarmouth. Both are close to my home and it’s a lovely way to start the daily training. We end at night in my home. While with me, your dog is treated just as Ruby and Rory,, my own dogs, are. We provide the best care available for your dog as is evidenced by our long term clients.
I ask that owners fill out the Residency Contract to the best of their ability, also listing in priority- any behaviors or commands they want us to work on with their dog. I also ask that each owner jot down a daily schedule that they follow with their dog to ensure that I don’t make unnecessary changes for them with their dog. 
The owner must provide the dog’s food (so that we don’t have upset tummies by switching food) unless the owner and I have agreed there is a need to switch. Even then, we do a slow transition over from the old food to the new food. I also request that each owner provide any medication, Frontline or Heartgard and also to let me know when the dog needs it.
The day the dog goes home, I work with the owner for an hour. I also send each dog home with a schedule of verbal commands, as well as any additional notes they may need.
I ask that each owner commit to 2 weekly private lessons after the dog’s 2 week Residency program, in order to ensure that they succeed with the continued improvement with their dog. This is only if they are willing and able to come to the Cape for the follow up training which I am happy to provide. Some owners will come for a couple of lessons during the second week that the dog is with me. It the owner is willing to come and work, it is fine with me and I am more than happy to provide that extra training.
Commands we might work on (depending upon needs required by owner)
Drop It
Leave It
Sit Stay
Down Stay (for up to one hour)
Heel (walk nicely on a loose leash)
And of course, housebreaking.
We also work on socializing with people and other dogs, grooming manners, diet and nutritional needs, exercise needs, (present and past) – as much work as we can do in the allotted time.
These things can be done with professional help. Let me know if I can be of help. Please remember that because I only take two dogs at a time, maximum, and I’ve reduced my fee structure so much – I need notice and commitment from the owner. The prices that I have quoted for Residency are for now. I cannot guarantee that these prices will be the same in 4 months. None of us can predict the economy right now.
If you are interested in our custom Residency Training program, please contact me for further information which I will be happy to send.