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Teddy Bear Pups

Windswept Teddy Bears are thrilled to announce the avialability of 2 little  brown and white boys born on September 8, 2010 who would just love to love you! 
Our Teddy Bears are a carefully bred cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon.  They are incrediible tempered pets! Great family pets and wonderful therapy dogs!  They are good with children, cats, and all sizes of dogs!  Full grown they can weigh about 10-17 pounds.  Both breeds are hypoallergenic and non shedding, so the cross presents a nice dog!  They do require grooming, but are easy to comb out for daily living.  I find them to be extremely trainable, which is what I look for when producing puppies! Temperament, trainability, and health - are the keys to a breeding program. They really do like to please you, the owner.  As a trainer, I love this cross!  A 50-50 split brings out the best in both breeds!  They can be stubborn, but no more than any other dog, I think!  The boys tend to be a bit softer than some of the girls, which pretty much follows life in general..... (:)
Teddy Bears are fairly hardy with good consistent care.  As with most smaller breeds we are careful with the knees.  In other words, we don't recommend starting a young pup running on the beach for hours daily or inconsistent exercise and excess jumping.  Build up their bones carefully.  Watch for the growth plates to close. Your veterinarian can assist you with an exercise program, inside or out.
All Teddys come with current vaccinations, and have been seen by our own Hyannis Animal Hospital.  We are careful about over-vaccinating the puppies at one time - instead preferring to spread out the shots.  Many veterinarians do not vaccinate small breeds against lepto- discuss this carefully with your vet.  If a dog has a reaction to a shot, it should be noted so that the following year, the dog can be pre-medicated if need be. Owners of small  young puppies should be careful about how many vaccinations they receive in one day. Spread things out and enjoy the visits to your veterinarian more!
Each puppy comes with a beautiful complete layout! All the owner needs to get is a crate!  The layout might include:
Beautiful holiday plaid collar and leash set from Chatham Beach Dog
Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food
Angel Eyes
Toothpaste and Finger Brush
Isle of Dogs Lush Coat Shampoo and Conditioner
Nature's Miracle "Accident" Clean
Care A Lot Puppy Pads
Baby Wipes
Chew Hooves
Tons of Holiday Toys
Beautiful soft Red Dog Bed!
We do not push the dogs out the door at 8 weeks.  We keep them a bit longer, work with them on solid appeties, grooming, housebreaking, socializing them with dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhounds, and socializing them with various people, even taking them safely to nursing homes!  This takes a lot of work and dedication and certainly costs more for us to keep the puppies longer - but it's worth it to start them off just right!  We do not ship but will deliver down as far as Washington DC for our special clients (additonal charges will apply)!
Some owners prefer me to keep the puppy for two months - housebreaking and obedience training - and then bring the dog to them.  This specialty service is available - and details can be arranged with Gina. Are you a new owner who works too much to housebreak or train?  IOr would you rather just not do the puppy work? We do the hard work and then you keep it going once the puppy arrives!  Remember the first two years of a puppy's life is like having a child - it is work no matter what you do!  We make it easier for you and your family!

Very Special Deliveries
in time for very approved  homes and carefully thought out holiday time pups!  2 little Teddy Bear boys  who were born on September 8 will be ready to go to their new forever homes with complete layout! Call Gina at (508-) 760-3377 for pricing and other info!  We can hold the pup for you until Christmas at an additional charge as we will continue training the pup!


Windswept  Jolly Nicholas  (Nicky) 


Windswept  Baby  Blitzen  (Right now at 9 weeks I weigh 3 1/2 pounds!)


Windswept  The Cutest Comet

Are these little guys just the cutest or what??????
Possible brown and white girls arriving..... depending upon the stork........