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About Gina

Gina Lyn Hayes is a Cape Cod Massachusetts based expert Behaviorist/ Trainer who brings 30+ years of professional experience to the table. 

Gina's first role model and mentor was her father, who was a field Irish Setter breeder.  The Irish Setters were always her "heart dogs" and provided many years of unconditional love for her.

As an adult, she turned to Bloodhounds, showing in Confirmation as well as working them in law enforcement.  Gina believed in showing her working dogs, in order to let others know that a good working dog could also be a great specimen under breed standard and vice versa.  Originally, Gina started working cases as a private citizen, but realized the need for the academy and becoming a police officer in the Commonwealth of Massaachusetts. Her first call-out was through the Massachusetts State Police and was criminally-based.  That call ended with a letter of accomodation from the SP. 

In 8 years of schooling and seminars, Gina attended various courses in all areas of dog training, working dogs, specializing in scent discrimination, reading body language, communication skills, and various psychology classes.

With her unlimited enthusiasm to learn, she was fortunate to be taken under the wing of expert instructors such as Robert Swabe (ret. FBI Special Agent), Glenn Rimbey (ret. New Mexico Penn. K9), Bill Tolhurst (ret. Niagara County Sheriff Dept.), and many others. 

Over the years Gina became an American Bloodhound Club Trailing Judge and Instructor, also serving for many years on the ABC Trailing Trial Board Committee .  During this time she also belonged to Colonial Bloodhound Club and Prairielands Bloodhound Club, as well as volunteering in breed rescue.

Gina became an Obedience Instructor.  Her belief in continued education kept her attending seminars under  instructors such as Ian Dunbar, Fred Hassen, Turid Rugaas and many others.

In the 1990's Gina became a National Evaluator for Therapy Dogs International, combining her love of dog owners and their dogs with the desire to help community members and give more dogs a valuable job. To this day, Gina remains very active in Therapy Dog worki! Her volunteer work with JD Ruby Tuesday, her Irish Setter, involves visiting schools, residential cancer centers, museums for children's hours, libraries, nursing homes, rehab centers and assisted living facilities. 

A number of years ago, she returned to her first love - the Irish Setter.  To this day, she remains active in breed education  and rescue.  She is a member of the Irish Setter Club of America and the Irish Setter Club of New England, as well as starting the Cape Cod Irish Setter rescue program. Gina's own dog, JD Ruby Tuesday, has been featured in several ads.  Ruby is semi retired from training other dogs, but still is active as a Therapy Dog.

Gina has been featured on Fox TV as well as articles in many newspapers and breed publicaitons, from Dog World to the Martha's Vineyard Times in the 90's and the Japanese dog magazine, One. 

Because of all the invaluable assistance she received over the years, Gina remains a true believe of helping others.  She is proud to have had the first academically accredited high school mentorship program in Massachusetts for dog trainers.  She was also the mentor for two college intern programs-Becker College and Wheaton College.  Gina has taught at the Cape Cod Community College in the ALL department with a study on Understanding Our Canines.  She has also taught Therapy Dog Education at Bridgewater State College in the Graduate Psychology Department under Dr. Lousie Graham.

Gina is also a past member of the International Association of Canine Profressionals (www.dogpro.org) and was a 2 term member elected Board of Director- enjoying her terms with others such as Jay Stull, Robin McFarland, George Cockrell, Pat Trichter, Martin Deeley, Cyndy Duoan and others.  She served as a Senior Advisory Member, coaching newer trainers with various cases.  She was also a Certified Trainer through IACP and an evaluator for trainer applications.

Gina also developed and patented a training method, called GEM.  She spent about 7 years researching throughout the country and finally designed a method of training with the electronic collar that can be described as a "Cell phone from owner to dog". Her method has been described as incredibly gentle but extremely effective!  One veterinarian has stated that he was never a fan of electronic collar training, but has watched what Gina has accomplished with some very difficult dogs and does not hesitate to recommend her.

Gina was also the first instructor for Cape Cod Canine Drill Team years ago, which had dog breeds ranging from Bichon Frise to Napolitan Mastiff.  She was also the first intructor for Canine Freestyle on Cape Cod.  Her clients have gone on to become BOD's for canine freestyle organizations and have formed other freestyle groups. 

As Gina states "My life has really been the best anyone could ask for.  I've had the joy of working with the best clients and dogs in the country - ranging from my neighbor to politicians and movie stars to international bankers.  With variety like that, how could anyone ever be bored?" Having become a nationally recognized effective Behaviorist, her clients have become more challenging - and yet rewarding to the max.  Gina has been called in on many local town dog issues and is known to be a breed expert.  Her honesty and patience works well with towns and dog owners.  As long as owners do right by their dogs and obey the laws - Gina is in their corner.  She believes in teaching a dog for its intelligence, rather than bribery or punishment.