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*   Puppy Class - This is a 6 week structured course that teaches the foundation commands of obedience training- Walk nicely on a loose leash or beginning heeling, Sit Stay, Down Stay, Recalls (Come, Front Sit, Swing or Return Finish), Place, Off (for jumping problems), Leave It (for getting out of things we don't want our puppies in!), Quiet (for barking), Housebreaking issues, Diet, and Exercise.  This class is for puppies under 6 months, depending upon size, former training, etc..As with all of our classes, this course is based upon a more positive training method.  The emphasis is on Education or Teaching, rather than bribing. We teach a command over and over, until the puppy clearly understands what we are asking for.  The minute the puppy understands and does as we ask - the praise comes!

*   Basic Obedience Class -   This is a 6 week structured course that is geared to the adolescent or older dog.  The same commands are taught as above in the Puppy Class, but with more emphasis on further improvement and better handling skills with the owner!   Now we are working on one hour Down Stays in a Place position, no barging out the door, no lungeing at other dogs, etc.  We might fiinish the session with a Canine Good Citizen Test or by a rousting round of Musical Placeboards!  


These two courses are offered at:

Howl A Day Inn Cape Cod - Located off Higgins Crowell Road in West Yarmouth (12 Industrial Road)

  Advanced Obedience ClassNow let's have some fun and challenge ourselves and our dogs at the same time!  This is an 8 week course that changes outline depending upon the time of year.  We work on Off leash heeling, Distance Downs, and training with so many distractions- your head will spin!! (not literally!)  Can you imagine practicing heeling with your eyes closed (in a very safe controlled environment of course).  Do you know that most people heel with their dogs, with their eyes closed - - go figure!  How about watching a movie and eating pizza - while all of the class dogs are in a group down stay beside the owners and all that glorious food?  It's a challenging class, but an everyday life based course!

Freestyle Dog Dancing!  Ok- years ago, if someone had told me I would be dancing with a dog, I would have thought they were nutty!  But it builds confidence, teaches so much more after obedience and is just a hoot!  Sign up for a Beginner class now!


*     Private In Home Training - This is one on one training at its best!  Let Gina's gentle patience and expertise guide you and your dog to a happier life.  Picture your dog - ready, close your eyes and think about this - heeling on and off leash, holding a down stay while company sits and dines with you, coming when called immediately, sitting and waiting at the door, instead of pushing you out, no more excessive barking, happier neighbors and happier friends.....Sound good - call Gina at (508) 760-3377 and begin your new life with your dog today!  Expert training does not have to break the bank - but remember, you do get what you pay for and we all want results and improvements to start happening quckly!  Manual and DVD supplied.

--  Boston and Eastern Massachusetts- Now offering private in home training on Sundays and Wednesdays

*    Residency Training  - This custom program only accepts limited dogs at any given time.  Are you

 having difficulty training your dog?'

have limited time to train your dog?

going away on vacation or work travel?

wanting a professional to do the difficult start of training and then work with you one on one when the dog comes home?

With our custom Residency Training Program, your dog is treated just as one of my dogs.  Feel free to contact JD for an information packet on this exciting program!    Custom manual and DVD supplied.

*   Super K9 Nanny Service - This program is for those executives who are not home enough to train their dogs consistently, are overwhelmed on how to begin, or who have staff in need of education for training their dogs.  Perhaps an owner is going to travel and would like Gina to stay at their home and train while they are gone.  Ths program is so successful that it covers Behavior, Obedience Training, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise, Grooming Needs, and Vet Assistance.  When Gina is ready to leave, the owner will have a manual created for them and their dog, as well as email and telephone support!  No matter what state you live in - Gina will travel to you and your dog to work her magic and make your life happier and a better bond between owner and dog!

*   Therapy Dogs 101 Training Workshop -  This exciting workshop is geared to the beginning handler and dog team.  The goal is to learn as much about therapy dog handling, in a practical hands-on intensive 2 day learning environment.  Each attendee dog must be at a Basic Obedience skill level.  These workshops are not for profit and stress the volunteer nature of what a therapy dog team does. (This workshop has no correlation with Therapy Dogs International, based in Flanders New Jersey).

*   Behavior Evaluation and Retraining - For those dogs with problems, such as OCD behavior, car chasing, dog aggression, and some hman aggression, out of control dominance, etc. - let Gina's expertise help you make the right decision for your dog.  Is your dog a "manage" dog or a dog severely needing more advanced training?  How do you know the difference?  Is your dog a liability in a liabilous state or can your dog's problems be changed?  Is your dog really friendly with children or is it actually biting and not mouthing?  Can your dog barely exist without chasing shadows, its tail, etc?  For the dogs who perplex and confuse their owners - trust Gina to help you failrly and honestly.

*   Dog Selection - Gina offers assistance to dog owners on how to pick the right dog, how to choose an upfront honest breeder, how to tell the important factors on a pedigree, how to determine if a rescue is telling the "truth" about a dog or if they are dumping a problem on you, what questions to ask a shelter, rescue, or breeder, and how to read between the lines. Getting the right dog for your home and family - can mean the difference between a happy life and a nightmare! 

Community Courses Offered:

Dog Selection and How to Choose a Breed, Breeder or Rescue Service

Understanding Our Canines - 8 week lecture series taking attendees through canine body language, breeds and groups of dogs, behaviors and temperaments, different training methods and what they mean,  and much more.  There is an information packed notebook offered to each attendee.  Pre-registration is required!