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from David Curtis of Jamaica Plain on June 6, 2010

Dear Gina,
Thank you for the DVD of Liz and Trajan.  And for the card of the groomer with whom we'll schedule an appointment for sometime in July.
We had no idea that when we replaced our late and much loved Golden with Trajan the puppy, we'd get a dog that looked like our old guy, but behaved like Dennis the Menace.
We tried several trainers with Trajan.  Everyone said, "how handsome and how smart" but as time went along, showed less and less interest in putting in the work to help us get him squared away.
It was the best of fortune when we found you.  You knew the breeder, which gave you insights, but more importantly, you understood the dog.
Your patience with Trajan, and with us, has resulted in a fine young dog, farther along on the road to being behaved, friendly, much more civilized and communicative.  While he continues to test here and there, the difference is remarkable.  He's able to walk with us peaceably, and leaving the house now works. 
This is the best of relationships.  A true professional who does her job with skill and wisdom and us with a dog we are glad is part of our family.  And, we now count you as a good friend, and will look forward to having a brush up visit sometime over the sumer.
With best regards,

Gina says - "Congratulations to David Curtis for winning the reference letter for the month of June 2010!  If David or Liz (probably not Trajan) go to my website, read this, and call me- they are entitled to one free in home lesson!
On an aside - it was a pleasure to work with David and Liz.  Trajan was  a love, but a very confident, overly confident, out of control young dog!  There was no doubt he was intelligent and beautiful, but manipulative to the max and always trying to figure out how to get around what he was asked to do.  He pulled like the devil and therefore, walks were becoming dangerous. 
With such dedicated dog owners, Trajan has learned to heel, down stay, place, come, leave it and drop it, and can even be off leash.
With such dedicated dog owners - is it any wonder why I love my job?"

from Darren and Ann Cochran and Izzy:
Training was a truly terrific experience.  We are more than happy with the results. Gina is an absolutely great trainer.  She makes the training fun for both the owners and the dog.  I'm so glad I picked up the Just Dogs Training Brochure and called her.
We enjoyed every part of the training program but the best part was seeing Izzy improve every week!
We would rate Gina's instructor skills as an A+++++! Great!  Gina not only instructed Izzy but also us -which was very important!
We will recommend Just Dogs Training to anyone!

Gina says " Darren and Ann are to be commended as dog owners!  They took a small breed dog who was aggressive in nature and changed her temperament to a much happier well behaved dog.  Both Ann and Darren know that they have to keep the training on going if this is to succeed for Izzy's lifetime, but wahat a wonderful way to look at their relationship with their dog and her positive attitude now!"