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Just Dogs Training

Just Dogs Training is the creation of expert Behaviorist/Trainer Gina Lyn Hayes.  Training a dog should, for most family dogs, be fairly easy, quick with results, challenging, but FUN!

The most important training tools that Gina uses  and teaches dog oowners, are:

1)   Common Sense - it's a beautiful "thing"! There's an entire world of training between just bribing a dog and punishing a dog.  Dog owners should not be fooled into thinking there is nothing else.  Maternal training and Common sense fall into this huge chasm in the middle!  More training and less punishing or bribing!

2)   Consistency in Training Teach commands until the dog learns - every day- over and over again.  Every dog learns at its own pace and owners must not compare their current pet with the previous pet.

3)   Even toned voice - Eliminate that frustrated tone, yelling, or screaming!

4)   Expert timing for praise and yes, even mild appropriate corrections! A correction can be as simple as time out in a crate for a young out of control adolescent!

5)   Body Language - key important!  What is your body language really telling your dog?  This is the manner in which most dogs can read us better than we can read them!

6)   Simplicity of Verbal Commands - No sentences - make it short and sweet.  The more you talk, the less the dog will do - and the longer it takes to be able to praise your dog (:(  And don't just tell a dog "NO" when it is doing something inappropriate - short and simple, tell it what you want it to do.

7)   The correct physical training tools for YOUR dog! Every dog will train a bit different and may use many different tools- be flexible!